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ZLD – Waste Water Treatment Systems

In many areas of the world ,water remains as a scarce resource. Many Power industries,petrochemicals, and mining industries generate large volume of waste water which must be managed.

ZLD(Zero liquid discharge) is defined as a process for the maximum recovery of water from a waste water. And the precipitants and other solids contained in the waste water are collected and used for landfilling purpose.

The main objective of zero liquid discharge system are,

  • Eliminate the liquid waste and generate solids for landfilling disposal
  • To recycle a high quality water that can be beneficially resused .
  • To design the capital investment and system operating cost.
  • To the design the system to meet the flexibility and reliable

Benefits of ZLD(Zero liquid discharge):
  • Handles variations in waste contamination and flow
  • Allows for required chemical volumes adjustments
  • Recovers around 95% of your liquid waste for reuse
  • Treats and retrieves valuable byproducts from your waste (i.e. salts and brines)
  • Produces a dry, solid cake for disposal

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