Terms of Use

Terms Of Use

Welcome to RPS Group of Companies. By using RPS Group’s website, www.rpsgroup.in (defined to include all properties – Mobile, Web or otherwise, owned and operated by RPS Group through its web partner, BELTHINK BUSINESS CONSULTING PVT LTD ( www.belthink.com ) based in Chennai, related data, and/or related services, you agree to be bound by the following terms of use, as updated from time to time.

Permissible use

You agree to use the services of this website for your personal use/commercial use purely limited to transactions done on your own behalf by acting in your own professional capacity and unless you are a Enviro consultant/RO Consultant/ Effluent Consultant/ Waste Water Treatment Consultant/ Security Consultant/ Kitchen & Restaurant Service Provider/Concierge Service Provider/ Manpower Recruiter/ Manpower Outsourcing Agent/ Handyman Service Provider/ Training Consultant and Company/ Operation and Maintenance Consultant or based company/ Assets Protector/ Manpower contractor/ Brokerage professional by all means.

You agree to provide the information in this site to your friends/neighbors/relatives/colleagues/ customers/clients/etc., regarding new projects of RPS Group of companies/ Product launches / pre-launches/pricing/Schemes/ Offers/Technologies used/ Processes/ Location etc., on your own and with full consent of RPS Group if there is any deviation from what mentioned in the website for certain projects/ new products/ Services/etc., or otherwise, RPS will not be liable for any discrepancies caused by you or your associates or your networks in any manner.

You agree to use our information or service provided by us per mentioned in the website only for related business entities RPS group are into and for their related products/Services only. RPS will not be liable or responsible or guarantee the end user about the authenticity of information if the information shared is beyond what has been mentioned in or displayed in the website, www.rpsgroup.in .

Subject to the restrictions set forth in the following paragraphs, you agree, you may copy information from the website only as necessary for your personal use to view/download/save/print/fax/email such information. You agree otherwise not to reproduce/modify/distribute/display/create derivatives from/decompile/redesign any portion of the website/services provided herewith partly or fully in any manner. In addition, you also agree not to provide /post/authorize a link to any services/products from a third part website in any place including but not limited to either in job submission /subscription / contact us sections.

Restricted and Additional Terms:

You agree in complete not to modify/remove/inject any malwares to any copyright materials or other intellectual property notices that appear in the website in complete.

You agree that you will not use the designs/contents/database/content in any form available in this site for your commercial use.

Further to the above, you agree not to use this website data in any form or in any way that is unlawful/Create messy situation to RPS (Rare Professional Service Pvt Ltd) or its group companies / its customers/clients/vendor’s/service providers or any other user. You agree not to use the services/data/contents of this site in partial or full in any way that breaches the RPS Group’s Quality Policy, RPS Group’s Terms of Use, any guidelines/notices as mentioned/displayed in the site other than this or otherwise.

You agree in complete not to distribute or post spam/malwares/email chains/obnoxious mass schemes/ or similar communications in any form or manner through the services offered by RPS group of companies.

You agree completely not to misrepresent your affiliation with another person/entity or impersonate another person.

Except as expressly stated herein and without limitation, you agree that either you or you will not permit/encourage any third party to, reproduce/modify/display the contents/services/projects/any information of this site or otherwise make accessible on or through any other website, application, portal, or any services, ratings, and/or comments information about RPS Group of companies’ businesses and their products /Services or other professionals and also agree these Terms of Use do not provide you a license/authorization/certificate/any authority to use / reproduce / distribute / display / relay/provide access to other third party website in portion or in full or otherwise.

You agree not to query/search/copy/download/save any security related information available in the website which are strictly followed by but not limited to any copyright laws and are protected by “captcha”, a security based verification system which limits access to human users.

Your use of Google Maps or it’s related links in this website, www.rpsgroup.in is subject to Google’s Terms of use, located at https://www.google.com/intl/en-US_US/help/terms_maps.html

The contents provided in this site are exclusive property of RPS Group and are owned by it in all aspects. We request our viewers not to copy, modify or delete any content or data displayed in this site in any manner as it is protected by copyright, trademark and other applicable laws. RPS doesn’t guarantee you for use of materials on this site and will not contravene rights of third parties not affiliated with RPS group.

RPS Group hope the users will not do any unauthorized usage of contact information provided on the site and will not hold any responsibility for same. Also, you may not use software or other technology oriented tools to malign or interfere with the performance and operation of this site in any manner or to clandestinely intercept any system of RPS Group of companies or its associated systems, data, content or any personal information from the site. RPS Group reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to terminate your access completely or partially or use of this site at any time without your notice. RPS Group will not be affected or forwent to any other right perhaps entitled per law for termination of your access or use of this site.

You agree that you will not submit any content to this site which violates the law of the land and that encourages any criminal offenses or malpractices and that may violate the rights of any party or social or economic body.

Trademarks, Logos and service Marks displayed on this site are registered and unregistered trademarks of RPS group or its partners or its Service Provider.

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